MSc Track on Telecommunication and Sensing Systems

EE4580 Quasi optical systems

Topics: Green's function of stratified media, spectral domain analysis of printed antennas, periodic structures, quasi optics
This course includes 4 main parts described hereafter: 1) Spectral domain representation of stratified media Green's function (8 hours) 1.a. Transverse Electric (TE) and Transverse Magnetic (TM) representation of field from sources. 1.b. Transmission line formalism to treat multi-layer problems. 1.c. Integral evaluations using residue theorem. 2) Spectral techniques for analyzing printed antennas(10 hours) 2.a. Far-field asymptotic integral evaluation 2.b. Leaky waves 2.c. Surface waves 3) Periodic structures and arrays (12 hours) 2.a. Floquet theorem and representation of infinite arrays 2.b. Frequency selective surfaces 2.c. Phased arrays 2.d. Far-field from finite arrays 4) Quasi Optics 4.a. Transmitting systems 4.b. Receiving systems


prof.dr. Andrea Neto

Applied electromagnetics, THz broadband imaging systems, antennas

dr. Nuria Llombart

THz planar antennas, periodic structures, reflector antennas, lens antennas and waveguide structures

dr. Daniele Cavallo

Electromagnetics, antenna characterization and design, on-chip antennas

Last modified: 2016-04-29


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 0//0/0/3


Andrea Neto