MSc Track on Telecommunication and Sensing Systems

IN4398 Internet of Things seminar

The course is composed of a series of seminars related to the broad topic of the Internet of Things. Students will present their results on investigations regarding the possible extension of the ideas presented in the assigned papers.

Study Goals

To be able to design components of Internet of Things. To be able to criticize and assess system-level components of the Internet of Things environment discussed in the scientific literature.

Education Method

Each seminar consists of (i) lecture presentation on a given research paper presented by an individual student and (ii) work on an associated research project. Students will be provided with a list of projects and articles that will be assigned to them. A mini-project is summarized in the form of a written report (report must include critical analysis of the paper assigned). Within a project any hardware/software platform is allowed to be used. The assigned paper needs to be critically evaluated and a proposal to extend the assigned paper will need to be presented in a form of a presentation. A paper extension should focus on a system level idea, no deep evaluation will be necessary.

Teachers Przemysław Pawełczak

Cognitive radio, dynamic spectrum access systems, cellular networks, sensor networks

Venkatesha Prasad

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Credits: 5 EC
Period: 2/0/0/0