MSc Track on Telecommunication and Sensing Systems

ET4389 Complex networks from nature to man-made networks

Topics: Basic tools/metrics to characterize properties of large networks and to understand the effect of a network on the functioning of a system
This course introduces the basic tools/metrics to characterize properties of large networks, methods to analyze the dynamic processes such as epidemic/information spread, percolation and opinion dynamics on networks. These tools are applied to understand the effect of network on the function of a system, for example, (a) to evaluate the robustness of infrastructures such as metro transportation networks against failures; (b) to estimate the epidemics/virus spread on social networks/Internet; (c) to explore how properties of brain networks may predict brain functioning like IQ.

After this course, students could represent/abstract a complex system such as a brain or a communication system as a complex network, understand the basic methods to analyze properties of networks and dynamic processes on networks, and be able to apply them to real-world complex systems. Students could obtain an overview of the Msc/Phd projects on the frontiers of complex networks.

Teachers Huijuan Wang

Characterization of large complex networks; Network structure design; Bio-inspired Networking

Last modified: 2014-01-14


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 0/0/2/0