research group

Circuits and Systems (CAS)

Department of Microelectronics

Area: Theory and applications of circuits and systems, signal processing, and VLSI circuit and system design methodology

The complexity of electronic circuits is ever increasing, and so is their design. Two drivers are (i) already phenomenal integration densities are still doubling every 18 months (Moore's law), and (ii) new advanced applications require integrated solutions with increased intelligence and immense processing power. The main goal in our research program is to provide a sound mathematical framework for synthesis and analysis problems in the complete trajectory from system application, algorithm design, mapping to a hardware architecture or embedded system, VLSI circuit design, and finally the design verification.

System applications are taken from several areas that require new mathematical insights, eg. wireless communications, distributed networks, radio astronomy and biomedical applications, and we limit ourselves to the central signal processing aspects of these. The objective is to develop efficient signal processing algorithms and to compile these onto embedded systems and the underlying physical circuits. The new insights are incorporated in design tools and actual designs.


The group is involved in the following courses:
EE-BDBiomedical Devices (BD) profile120 ECdetails
EE1L11EPO-1: Booming Bass5 ECdetails
EE2C11Integrated circuits5 ECdetails
EE2L21EPO-4: "KITT" autonomous driving challenge5 ECdetails
EE2S11Signals and systems5 ECdetails
EE2S31Signal processing5 ECdetails
EE2T11Telecommunications A5 ECdetails
EE2T21Telecommunications B5 ECdetails
EE3039TUMarsrover project4 ECdetails
EE3115TUDigital Communication Systems3 ECdetails
EE3350TUIntroduction to Radio Astronomy3 ECdetails
EE3P11Electromagnetics5 ECdetails
EE4182Digital audio and speech processing6 ECdetails
EE4530Applied convex optimization5 ECdetails
EE4540Distributed signal processing5 ECdetails
EE4560Information theory5 ECdetails
EE4595Wavefield imaging5 ECdetails
EE4610Digital IC Design I3 ECdetails
EE4650Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging5 ECdetails
EE4685Machine learning, a Bayesian perspective5 ECdetails
EE4C02Systems Engineering3 ECdetails
EE4C03Statistical digital signal processing5 ECdetails
ET-Mi-201Minor “Electronics for Robotics”30 ECdetails
ET4054Methods and algorithms for system design5 ECdetails
ET4127Themes in Biomedical Electronics4 ECdetails
ET4147Signal processing for communications4 ECdetails
ET4293Digital IC design4 ECdetails
ET4351VLSI Systems on Chip4 ECdetails
ET4358Fundamentals of wireless communications5 ECdetails
ET4386Estimation and detection5 ECdetails
ET4393Medical Imaging5 ECdetails


The group is involved in the following projects:
ADACORSAAirborne data collection on resilient system architecturesdetails
AFFIPEarlier recognition of cardiovascular diseasesdetails
AI4CSMAutomotive Intelligence for Connected Shared Mobilitydetails
AISSeparation of AIS Transponder Signalsdetails
ASPIRETask-cognizant sparse sensing for inferencedetails
BRAINMultimodal, multiresolution brain imagingdetails
CALMedical Delta Cardiac Arrhythmia Labdetails
CALIMRadio astronomical calibration and imaging techniquesdetails
CLARAClosed loop adaptive radar resource allocationdetails
CNSComputational neuroscience and bio-inspired circuits and algorithmsdetails
COBRAComputing Fabric for high performance Applicationsdetails
crackSmart sensing for Aviationdetails
D2S2Dependable Distributed Sensing Systemsdetails
DAISDistributed Artificial Intelligent Systemsdetails
DeTAILDelft Tensor AI Labdetails
DPASDistributed Processing of Audio Signalsdetails
DRIFTData reduction and image formation for future radio telescopesdetails
EndoTOFPET-USNovel multimodal endoscopic probes for simultaneous PET/ultrasound imaging for image-guided interventionsdetails
EWiDS2Extreme Wireless Distributed Systemsdetails
FASTCOMReliable and fast wireless communication for lithography machinesdetails
goodvibrationsGood Vibrations - Fast and Robust Wave Field Computations in Complex Structures Using Krylov Resonance Expansionsdetails
GSDIMUltra-fast GSDIM super resolution microscopy using a SPAD-array cameradetails
H-INCEPTIONHeterogeneous Inceptiondetails
HAcuePersonalized Auditory Scene Modification to Assist Hearing Impaired Peopledetails
HERE2Ultra WideBand (UWB) Radio Indoor Positioning Systemdetails
IENSIntelligibility Enhancement of Noisy Speechdetails
IESCSIntelligibility enhancement for speech communication systemsdetails
L3SPADA Single-Photon, Time-Resolved Image Sensor for Low-Light-Level Visiondetails
LFMRIA Sustainable MRI System to Diagnose Hydrocephalus in Developing Countriesdetails
MRIDielectric enhanced MRIdetails
NOPTILUSAutonomous, self-learning, optimal and complete underwater systemsdetails
OLFARLow-frequency distributed radio telescope in spacedetails
PCaVisionProstate cancer detection using ultrasounddetails
PicoSECPico-second Silicon Photomultiplier-Electronics & Crystal Researchdetails
PIPP-OLFARPIPP OLFAR: Breakthrough technologies for Interferometry in Spacedetails
PRYSTINEProgrammable Systems for Intelligence in Automobilesdetails
PulsarPlanePulsarPlane: Worldwide Air Transport Operationsdetails
Samsung GRONon-Invasive High Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging for Hemodynamics Monitoring and Tumor Detectiondetails
SCMMNRSHASpatially Correct Multi-Microphone Noise Reduction Strategies suitable for Hearing Aidsdetails
Sensor AI LabDelft Sensor AI Labdetails
SEWASNSpeech enhancement in wireless acoustic sensor networksdetails
SHINESensing Heterogeneous Information Network Environmentdetails
SMARTPEASSmart moving Process Environment Actuators and Sensorsdetails
SOLO3Three-Dimensional CMOS Photon Counting for Medical Imaging and Cancer Diagnosticsdetails
SPADnetFully Networked, Digital Components for Photon-starved Biomedical Imaging Systemsdetails
SPWASNSignal processing over wireless acoustic sensor networksdetails
SUPERGPSSuperGPS: Accurate timing and positioningdetails
TOUCANThree-dimensional Ultrasound Imaging Through Compressive Spatial Codingdetails
VICI-SOWNSignal Processing for Self-Organizing Wireless Networksdetails