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Electronic Instrumentation (EI)

Department of Microelectronics

Area: Electronic instrumentation, VLSI sensors, and ADCs

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Chairman: Kofi Makinwa
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The EI group aims to realize smart sensor systems for the acquisition of data from physical, chemical and biomedical signals. This involves the design of sensors in IC-compatible technology, as well as the design of the precision analog circuitry required to read them out. The research program is led by 7 project leaders, who guide approximately 40 graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.


The group is involved in the following courses:
EE-BDBiomedical Devices (BD) profile120 ECdetails
EE1C31Amplifiers and instrumentation5 ECdetails
EE1L21EPO-2: Smart Robot Challenge5 ECdetails
EE4520Analog CMOS design I3 ECdetails
EE4525Analog CMOS design II3 ECdetails
EE4575Electronics for quantum computation5 ECdetails
EE4610Digital IC Design I3 ECdetails
EE4C08Measurement and instrumentation5 ECdetails
EE4C10Analog Circuit Design Fundamentals5 ECdetails
ET4127Themes in Biomedical Electronics4 ECdetails
ET4260Microsystem integration4 ECdetails
ET4277Microelectronics reliability4 ECdetails
ET4278Over-sampled data converters4 ECdetails
ET4369Nyquist-rate data converters4 ECdetails
ET4382Introduction to power conversion technology3 ECdetails
ET4390Imaging sensors5 ECdetails
TM12001Advanced Signal Acquisition5 ECdetails


The group is involved in the following projects:
3D-ICE3D Intra-Cardiac Echographydetails
BRAINMultimodal, multiresolution brain imagingdetails
CAPSENSCapacitance-to-Digital Conversiondetails
FLOW+Precision Ultrasonic Flow Meters using Matrix Transducersdetails
INEEDLESImaging Needlesdetails
INFORMERIntegrated Near Field sensOrs for high Resolution MicrowavE spectRoscopydetails
IVUSIntegrated Circuits for Intra-Vascular Ultrasound Imagingdetails
MICAMiniature ultrasound probes for real-time 3D imaging and monitoring of cardiac interventionsdetails
MIFFYMonitoring infant brain perfusion by trans-fontanel echographydetails
PASTEURPerishables Monitoring through Smart Tracking of Lifetime and Quality by RFIDdetails
PUMA3D Plane-wave ultrasound matrix transducer for carotid artery diagnosisdetails
RINGDOWNInterfacing Resonant Sensors using Ringdown Measurementdetails
SNIFFERCMOS-Compatible Hot-Wire CO2 Sensorsdetails
ULIMPIAUltrasound Integrated Patch for Medical Diagnosticsdetails
ULTRAEXUltra-X-treme: Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging for Extended Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Diseasedetails