research group

Electronic Circuits and Architectures (ELCA)

Department of Microelectronics

Area: Electronics circuit design

The Electronic Circuits and Architectures (ELCA) research group investigates and educates the design of high performance electronic (integrated) circuits/systems, with a special focus on:
  • understanding and overcoming the performance limits of RF/mm-wave/wireless components, circuits & systems and improving to the state-of-the-art their functionality, power consumption, operating frequency and linear / non-linear behaviour.

  • introducing improved design and characterization methodologies

  • developing new applications for wireless, robotic, space-born, and smart integrated systems.

These activities rely on advanced analogue / digital intensive design techniques implemented in dedicated technologies. Special attention is given to new devices / technologies that are not always widely available or extensively characterized, such as on-chip magnetic components, high-speed / low-power nanoscale devices, (sub)mm-wave devices as well HV / High power transistors. For space and robotic applications focus is placed on electronics, technologies and components operating in remote areas and harsh environments.


The group is involved in the following courses:
EE1C11Linear Circuits A5 ECdetails
EE1C21Linear Circuits B5 ECdetails
EE1L21EPO-2: Smart Robot Challenge5 ECdetails
EE3360TUTransmission Lines4 ECdetails
EE3385TUPhased Steering System5 ECdetails
EE3C11Electronics5 ECdetails
EE4109Structured electronic design5 ECdetails
EE4605Integrated Circuits and Systems for Wireless Applications5 ECdetails
EE4615Digital IC Design II3 ECdetails
EE4C02Systems Engineering3 ECdetails
EE4C05Electromagnetics5 ECdetails
ET-Mi-201Minor “Electronics for Robotics”30 ECdetails
ET3056TUHardware implementation project10 ECdetails
ET3604LRElectronic circuits3 ECdetails
ET4371Advanced Wireless Transceivers (Digital RF)4 ECdetails
ET4600Wireless Concepts and Systems5 ECdetails
ET8011MSCStructured electronic design laboratory3 ECdetails


The group is involved in the following projects:
CRUISEEnergy Efficient Radar TXdetails
DArWINDigitally Dominant Analog Blocks for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networkdetails
DIPLOMATHigh Power RF-DACdetails
DRASTICDigital tRAnSmitTer ICsdetails
EASTsmart Everything everywhere Access to content through Small cells Technologiesdetails
gENESIsEnergy Efficient Wideband Transmitter, NXP Partnership ‘Advanced 5G Solutions’details
HΓ-VNASTW Take-off phase1: High gamma vector network analysisdetails
INFORMERIntegrated Near Field sensOrs for high Resolution MicrowavE spectRoscopydetails
MemphisMerging electronics and Micro-nano PHotonics in integrated systeMsdetails
MORSEMetrology for optical and RF communication systemsdetails
PIPP-OLFARPIPP OLFAR: Breakthrough technologies for Interferometry in Spacedetails
PlanarCalMicrowave measurements for planar circuits and componentsdetails
RF2THZFrom RF to MMW and THz silicon SoC technologiesdetails
SEEDCOMSmart Energy Efficient Digital Communicationdetails
TDRFSPTime-Domain RF and Analog Signal Processingdetails
TiCAMTHz silicon-integrated camera for low-cost imaging applicationsdetails
TiCAM_2THz silicon-Integrated CAMera for low-cost imaging applicationsdetails
WhALEWAtt LEvel transmitters at mm-wavesdetails
WiConNon-Galvanic Contactless Connectors for Power and Data Transferdetails