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dr. Venkatesha Prasad

Assistant Professor

Expertise: VoIP, Cognitive Radio, Internet of Things, Personal Networks, 60GHz Networking, Computer Networks, Traffic Modelling, Emulation of Wireless PANs, Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks.

Themes: Sensor network communication

Contact details

Group: Embedded Software (ES)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Room:HB 09.270
Phone:+31-15-27 87492
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  1. Ph.D: Centre for Electronics Design and Technology, Indian Institute of Science , Bangalore, India Thesis: "A New Paradigm for Audio Conferencing on Voice over IP"
  2. M.Tech: Industrial Electronics. Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore University , India Thesis: "Scaled Down Model of an S Band Coupled Cavity Travelling Wave Tube Power Supply"
  3. BE: Electronics and Communication. Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan , Mysore University , India Thesis: "Microprocessor based Real Time Voice Encryption"

Work Experience

  1. Faculty, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Faculty of EEMCS, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, March 2005 to 2011. Work profile: Research in the area of Personal Networks, their Architectures and Cognitive Radio
  2. Senior Design Consultant, for Esqube Communication Solutions Pvt. Ltd., July 2006 to 2009
  3. Consultant for Esqube Communication Solutions Pvt. Ltd., November 2003 to March 2005 Work profile: Member of of VoIP infrastructure development team. Developed products: VQube, a novel web based VoIP client CQube and "Adhoc Service Network" using Bluetooth devices
  4. Project Associate and Consultant at CEDT, IISc, Bangalore, April 1999 to July 2003 Work profile: Architectural Design and Software design for VoIP within Nortel and ADC
  5. Telecommunication sponsored project "Design and Implement of Voice over IP Test-bed". Work involved the design and implementation of following servers as part of the VoIP test-bed: Call Processor (Soft Exchange), Conference Server, Voice Mail Server and PSTN Gateway
  6. Project Associate at ERNET Lab, ECE, IISc, Bangalore, February 1996 to July 1996 Work Profile: Implementation and testing of Dual Queue Dual Bus Network Cards for WAN/MAN networks using TAXI chips
  7. LConsultant TPC Energy Management, Bangalore, May 1995 to February 1996 Work profile: Design of UPS and Universal Timers for Household and Industrial Applications

Supervision of Students

PhD: 8 (graduated) ; MSc: 10 (graduated)

Last updated: 25 Feb 2016