researcher profile Christian Doerr

Assistant Professor

Expertise: Complex and dynamical systems: social network analysis, internet security, collective intelligence.

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Group: Network Architectures and Services (NAS)
Department of Intelligent Systems
Room:HB 13.020
Phone:+31-15-27 82279
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Christian Doerr is an assistant professor at TU Delft, in the NAS group. He received his PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado, USA. His research focus is the field of complex and dynamical systems, specifically he is currently working in the following areas:

  1. Social Network Analysis, where he is studying the interaction and communication of individuals in large scale communities through structural and semantic analysis of behavioral patterns,
  2. Robustness of Networks, where he is working on design criteria to improve robustness in critical infrastructures against failures and attacks, and building up a high-performance cluster to measure the utility of protection schemes through hardware experiments,
  3. Internet Security,
  4. Coordination through Collective Intelligence, where I am investigating how emergent behavior may be used, controlled and adapted to address engineering problems. This work is a continuation of a previous study, which demonstrated that efficient coordination in wireless communication networks, called Cognitive Radio Networks, may be elegantly achieved through the principles of swarm intelligence.


ET4397IN Network security

Fundamentals of security engineering and their application in communication system design

IN4253ET "Hacking lab" applied security analysis

Last updated: 27 Feb 2014