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Beyond 60 GHz technology

Contact: John Long

Antennas and electronics for 60 GHz and milimeter-wave applications (communication and radar)

Projects under this theme

Coded-Radar for Interference Suppression in Super-Dense Environments

CRUISE will address the challenges regarding spectrum crowding and ensures proper radar signal detection, accurate ranging, Doppler and azimuth measurements, and object classification in a highly-occupied frequency spectrum

WAtt LEvel transmitters at mm-waves

The WhALE project targets, employing complementary expertise in the field of electromagnetics, system integration and integrated circuit design, to develop the next generation of mmwave transmitters.

Integrated Cooperative Automated Vehicles

This research program addresses current transportation challenges regarding throughput and safety with an integrated approach to automated and cooperative driving

Non-Galvanic Contactless Connectors for Power and Data Transfer

The WiCon project will provide low-cost, highly-integrated system solutions for galvanic connectors replacement in the consumer and industrial market segments.


Efficient on-chip antennas for terahertz applications

Silicon technology promises affordable integrated THz systems, but at the cost of limited achievable efficiency. Antenna solutions to overcome this bottleneck efficiency will be investigated.

Time-Domain RF and Analog Signal Processing

From RF to MMW and THz silicon SoC technologies

Silicon technology platforms for emerging RF, millimetre-wave and THz consumer applications.

Merging electronics and Micro-nano PHotonics in integrated systeMs

Research program for developing an integration platform for high-frequency electronics with micro- and nano-photonics.

60 GHz open waveguide antenna